The Edge Dance Academy
Jagged Edge
"I have known Lori for over ten years as both a co-worker and a teacher. Lori is passionate about dance and is always one to push her students to their utmost abilities as dancers. She is fantastic with dancers of all ages; from the little ones all the way to her adults, and her creativity never ceases to amaze me! Having also worked with Lori, I can tell you that she is a great person to work with. She is open to sharing ideas with her coworkers and is someone I looked up to over the years. Overall, Lori is a wonderful and caring person who puts her heart and soul into her dancers every day.” -Sarah Leicht
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"I have had my 2 daughters 7 and almost 10 dancing with Jagged Edge Dance Company (JEDC) for the past 3 years. They really enjoy learning from Lisa & Kimmy Pendzimaz as well as being on a team. JEDC is more than a studio it's a second family, home away from home. My kids have grown tremendously in dance. They have learned the technical skills as well as the performance levels needed for competition and low and behold, THEY HAVE FUN! I not only see Lisa & Kimmy as instructors but as mentors for my children. They teach them discipline as well as self growth and as long as my children continue to love the art of dance, team spirit and of course Lisa & Kimmy they will always be a part of Jagged Edge Dance Company." -Lisa B.
Offering Classes for Adults and Children
"Being a parent of a Jagged Edge dancer has brought many new friends of whom I consider family into my life. I have known the directors of Jagged Edge for over five years, and they are very supportive of their dancers. The dancers are encouraged to work together as a team, support each of their teammates, and try to reach their individual potential. The older members love looking out for the younger members, and there is definitely a team mentality at all levels.
My daughter, one of the original Jagged Edge dancers has flourished with the team. She is more confident, more outgoing, and is very supportive of everyone on the team. This team mentality could not have been achieved without the endless support of our Jagged Edge Directors Kimmy and Lisa Pendzimaz."
"Nine years ago I took a few dance classes with Lori Pendzimaz. After I moved and took from a different dance instructor I truly realized the level of expertise in Lori's instruction. She is a dynamic teacher and it is only natural I would enroll my daughter in her class as soon as she was old enough. Lori has quite a gift of molding the lil ones. Lori introduced my daughter to the competition scene. When my daughter joined Jagged Edge we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Lori's daughters were equally as talented. Kimmy and Lisa Pendzimaz were instrumental in developing the passion and abilities within my daughter. They advanced her skills through a series of technique classes as well as performances in competitions. Kimmy and Lisa are compassionate about teaching and have found the art to enhance skills in others. My daughter has grown dramatically as a dancer and we are grateful to the Pendzimaz family." -Maureen Murphy